As a freelance graphic art designer, illustrator and digital artist, A.Fakih runs Wizlemon Studio, a graphic design business, located in Edinburgh. He has more than 15 years of extensive experience of working in design particularly around humanitarian issues.

His personal experience, growing up in the war zone that was Beirut in the 1980’s, continues to influence his design perspective. Moreover, his sense of questioning generational traditions, living with cultural taboos and exploring indigenous religions during his formative years continues and will evolve in his art. His aim is to create unique visuals which express ‘his own messages’ around topics that continue to be absolutely crucial in this modern world. He has a strong personal belief that an artist has a responsibility to reflect the ‘zeitgeist’; to speak the unspoken and be a voice when others aren’t heard.

Presently, He is working on a new collection about Edinburgh. He has created different artworks showing a fresh perspective of this lovely historical city. The process of his work includes hand-drawn illustration, mixed media, photography, typography, calligraphy and traditional art techniques. Often drawing from local influences, cultures and languages.

His art is finished by high quality giclée print on fine art paper in different sizes, framed and unframed and a luxury collection of cards.

He also offers a diverse range of graphic design services. Please check his business website